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Squeaky the catgood advice from Squeaky

Recently Squeaky discovered that he is a born writer so he's decided to man this desk until something more amusing comes along. Until that time, this is where he hangs out. He's here to pass along sage advice. Please feel free to email him to ask a question or to make a comment.

Clean water


Dear Squeaky,

I know it's important to provide my cats with clean water every day. Why then do they insist on stirring it with their paws before they drink? I know where their paws have been and it makes me cringe!

Clean Paws In Portland


Dear Paws,

I know what you mean, but it's something we can't help. It's part of that thing called instinct. In nature, the freshest and cleanest water is usually moving. Water that is standing still can harbor bacteria and that makes it taste bad. We're just trying to make ripples like fresh water would have. At least, that's my opinion. My brother Marty says he does it to claim the water bowl as his property! But who can really get inside the head of a cat? I have one on my own shoulders and it's a mystery to me. If you have a different idea - I'd love to hear it!



portland older cat

Dear Squeaky,

I have an old cat, named T.K., who doesn't want to eat. I understand that she needs cat food because there are enzymes in it that help a cat to stay healthy. She doesn't want cat food. She will eat a little of something and then won't eat it anymore.  I've tried sardines, tilipia, and other types of fish and after a few days she turns her nose up at it.

What do you suggest that I feed T.K. to get her to eat?

Needing Help,
T.K.' s Mom


Dear T.K.'s Mom,

I just turned 10 this year so I’m officially a “senior”. I still have a healthy appetite but one of my housemates who is 15 - (that’s considered “geriatric”) doesn’t chow down like she used to.  Mom doesn’t worry as long as there are no problems with her teeth or other health issues – but that should always be checked out. Since older cats need more water to prevent dehydration and keep their kidneys functioning properly, offer wet food regularly with crunchy snacks to help keep their teeth clean. Keep water bowls all over to remind T.K. to take a sip every now and again. Also, Mom sometimes makes a soup by mixing extra water with the canned food. If T.K.‘s teeth are the issue, perhaps the softness of scrambled or hard-boiled eggs (without salt or pepper, of course) would be appealing. The protein in eggs is actually better than fish, meat, or poultry protein and it is more easily digested. If you feed T.K. eggs you’ll have to watch for symptoms of allergy. Canned “people” tuna isn’t the best idea since the high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids might diminish T.K.’s supply of vitamin E. Unfortunately, when we get older, our senses of smell and taste diminish. Try offering T.K. smaller, more frequent meals.  Warm the food slightly – that sometimes motivates reluctant eaters.

Here is a link to an excellent article written by Ron Hines DVM PhD.  He also has suggestions for home cooked pet foods.

A note to T.K.:  I hope you enjoy your golden years with your Mom.  She loves you very much. 


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Equivalent in Human Years Cat's
Equivalent in Human Years


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