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SPCA San Pat County Animal Shelter Building

Building Updates

  1. Land for the Animal Shelter BuildingNovember 2010: Land is Purchased … On to the Building! We recently purchased the land where our animal shelter will be built. It is located on HWY 1069 just past Walmart and Lowes. It is on county land but close to city utilities. We are now working to raise enough money to build our new animal shelter.
  2. November 2011: The drive toward gathering funds for our new animal shelter is now underway. The building complete and the utilities complete will be approximately $250,000 total.land now
  3. February 2013: We have raised almost half of the money needed to build our new shelter. Our building fund is now at $122,881.
  4. February 2014: We have just received a $50,000 grant from the Ed Rachal Foundation to start our building. The grant is for clearing and cleaning our land and the groundwork of the building. Startup will be as soon as possible. This puts our total fund for the building at $200,654.20.
  5. June 2014: We have just received a donation for $100,000.00 from ArthurBenson. This will make it possible tobuild the building. We are dirt on landdrawing up plans at this time.Building fund isnow $300,000 plus.
  6. November 2014: The building has been ordered and will be in anytime. The plans are approved and staking out for the cement and plumbing stubs will start any day.
  7. December 2014: The weather has been our biggest problem. But the land isnow staked where the building will go. The fill dirt for the building is in place and packed down. Weather will determine when the cement crew starts.
  8. March 2015: Construction has begun on the building site. Dirt has been hauledbldg start in, leveled, and the plumbing stubbed in. The cement has been poured for the floor.. Watch for more information and pictures.Weather is causing most of our delay but cannot be helped... As of March 27, the building is starting to go up. The workers are putting the steel columns together. Just need more sunshine.
  9. May 2015: The outside of the building is now up. Work will now start on the inside walls and partitions and asm blue bldglso cement for the outside dog runs
  10. .Building Program Needs
  • Funds
  • People Willing to help build the structure
  • Volunteers