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SPCA San Pat County Animal Shelter Building

Building Updates

  1. Land for the Animal Shelter BuildingNovember 2010: Land is Purchased … On to the Building! It is located on HWY 1069 just past Walmart and Lowes.
  2. November 2011: The building and the utilities complete will be approximately $250,000 total.
  3. February 2013:Our building fund is now at $122,881.
  4. land nowFebruary 2014: We have just received a $50,000 grant from the Ed Rachal Foundation to start our building. This puts our total fund for the building at $200,654.20.
  5. June 2014: We have just received a donation for $100,000.00 from Arthur Benson.The building plans are being drawn. .Building fund is now $300,000 plus.
  6. November 2014: The building has been ordered. The plans are bldg start approved and staking out for the cement and plumbing stubs will start any day.
  7. December 2014:. The fill dirt for the building is in place and packed down.
  8. March 2015: Construction has begun on the building site. Dirt has been hauled in, leveled, and the plumbing stubbed in. The cement has been poured for the floor. As of March 27, the building is starting to go up. The workers are putting the steel columns together.
  9. May 2015: The outside of the building is now up.
  10. blue bldgDecember 2015: The inside of the building is almost completed. We need furnishings. The fill dirt needs to be leveled and probably more dirt brought in. The forms for the dog runs (at the rear of the building) are ready for the concrete. The septic system is complete. We need to get the water connected to the water line in front. And we need to add our name to the building, SANDRA SUE BENSON ANIMAL ADOPTION CENTER, SPCA San Pat County.
  11. January 2016: Inside of building is coming along nicely. We have front desks, washer, dryer, refrigerator, and small dog and cat cages. The cat rooms are looking nice with trees painted on the walls with cat perches on the trees. Cat furniture is being built and beds and litter boxes have been installed. Now on to the dog rooms.
  12. The shelter is close to being open. The main thing we need now is a fence around the center and front part of the ground. This is for the safety of the animals and of the humans who care for them.