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needing volunteers now

We are looking for and accepting applications for volunteers who would like to help at our new shelter. Sandra Sue Benson Animal Adoption Center (SSBAAC) is now open.We are in need of people who love animals and want to help care for them until they get a furrever home. To start with, we will have two times of day when we care for the animals and need and want volunteers. The morning shift will probably start about 7 or 8 am depending on what time it gets light out and will last about 2 hours. The evening shift will probably start about 5 or 6pm and will also last about 2 hours. Both shifts will be walking dogs, changing water bowls for dogs and cats, and filling food bowls. It will also mean cleaning up puddles and plop-plops from the dogs and cleaning litter boxes from the cats. Also the most important volunteer position is loving and sociallizing the animals. If you have lots of love in your heart, WE NEED YOU! Contact Dona Farrar, shelter director, at 361-332-1445 or contact her at donafarrar@yahoo.com. Make sure on the email you put in the subject line "shelter volunteer". Please call if you would like more information.